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New Fashion Products 2014

Fashion & Accessories News

Halloween-inspired looks for every fashionista

The spooky season is almost here, giving you the perfect chance to add a ghoulish touch of glitter to your outfit. Whether you're dressing up or just want to add an All Hallows Eve-inspired touch to your outfit, we have some fab jewellery that is

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Go long if you have a short torso

Although choker style necklaces are the hottest item of the season, they are not ideal for those with short torsos. Choker necklaces can actually make your torso seem a bit shorter, which really isn't ideal if it is already quite

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Fallen star: Star-shaped jewellery for AW14

With the days getting darker and the colours of fashion getting deeper, it comes as no surprise to me that star jewellery is starting to make a huge impact. Glittering star-shaped jewellery is starting to appear on the high street and looks to be a

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There's a new statement for AW14: Choker necklaces

The designers unleashed a whole host of looks onto the runways to prepare us for the autumn/winter season and among the range of styles there were a few jewellery trends that really stuck out. One of the most prominent looks when it comes to bling

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Your AW14 must-have items

It is most definitely autumn, so you know what that means: time to update your wardrobe. If you want to stay on-trend this season, there are a few things you need to own. Whether you just want to top up your accessories or go for a full wardrobe

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Painted glass: Coloured jewellery for dark autumn days

We are well into October now and the days are getting much shorter and gloomier. This coupled with the deeper shades of autumn fashion leads to everything getting much darker. Luckily there are a few trends that can help to brighten your days and

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Belt up for winter and show off your shape

When it comes to winter clothing, it can be difficult to flatter your shape and stay warm. Heavy winter coats, thick knitwear and multiple layers all serve to keep you cosy but also swamp your shape. Luckily there are simple tricks you can use to hi

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Don't give up fashion for function this winter

The days are starting to get darker and there is a definite chill in the air - not to mention a lot of water.  This means that everyone is going to start bundling up soon, which can make accessorising a lot more difficult, especially in terms

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The top trends of the Pride of Britain Awards

When it comes to checking out what styles are going to be big for the new season, there are few better ways than looking to see what jewellery is being worn by the celebs. Not only do celebrities help influence others' jewellery choices, they

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Monochrome magic is a fashion must

We all know that monochrome clothing creates super chic and timeless looks. The style makes an appearance throughout every season - and for good reason. AW14 is no different and monochrome is set for a revamp. As well as outfits featuring the

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