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Management Team - Oceanic Jewellers

  • This British Company founded in 1977, has a team of dynamic executives, vibrant fashion designers, innovative team members and a very experienced chairman.

    • Chairman - Ranbir Singh Suri
    • Directors - Manu Suri, Pitu Suri
    • Company Secretary - Guni Suri

    And their team of dynamic executives.

    The Management team is made up of the following departments
    • Product Development & Research
    • Product Design and Production
    • IT and Data Systems
    • Accounting & Finance
    • Warehousing & Logistics
    • Sales: Showroom - E - Sales, Tele Sales
    • Multiple Retailers Departments
    We truly believe in an on going Education & Training Program for all members of the group, allowing this Company to evolve and grow from strength to strength!!!