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Ten Factes of Majique Jewellery

  • The Journey

    The creative journey at Majique starts from an idea, to a sketch, to an initial production, and then to the CATWALK.

    The Vision

    The collections reveal our designers destinations, experiences, and visions for the respective season.

    The Statement

    Majique Jewellery always upgrades your outfits, it is a statement.

    The Code

    Majique Jewellery, the look that gives you sparkle, that is sexy, witty and graceful.

    The Proportion

    Be it night or day - bedazzle in crystals, glistening metallics, giant glossy acryllics Diamente Button • Metals Button • Acryllics Button

    The Decoration

    Our products reveal a flair for the artistic, architectural aesthetic, cross style boundaries, definition, drama.

    The Celebration

    Majique fashion jewellery celebrates life! Live life to the full. Life is a golden wonder. The celebration covers The Traditional, The Modern, The Decorative, The Alternative. In Spirit There is no right ! There is no wrong!

    The World

    Fashion makes the world go round, Majique Jewellery goes around the world. The Majique fashion world is the height of Fashion Jewellery.

    The Power

    The Power of suggestion by Majique Jewellery. The colour of Majique suggests IQ, wealth, power, providing YOU have the inclination to admire.

    The Nirvana

    Majique "Enlightenment", You can feel the freedom. The realization of ever "Becoming" and "Dying" and never truly being)