Costume Jewellery

Back to work – Stay safe, stay positive – and stay in fashion

As you’ll no doubt be aware, last night (May 10th 2020) saw Boris Johnson unveil the first tentative steps towards a new normality post-coronavirus.

For England at least, the narrative has changed from a stay-at-home order to one saying it’s OK to go to work if you can safely do so. 

It’s going to be another big adjustment, particularly for people who had been either furloughed or working from home for the duration of the peak – so how exactly do you ease yourself back into the workplace, albeit a very different, COVID-safe one? 

Well, we’d recommend the first tip is to go easy on yourself. Start the day with a to-do list like a brain dump to clear your mind and focus on smaller goals than usual. 

Also, don’t forget to take regular breaks like you might have got used to at home. Stretch your legs, look out of the window, meditate or write down affirmations if you feel it’s helpful; all will help to recharge your batteries. 

Another good tip is to get back into a morning routine: pack a lunch (because there’s no coffee shop), put on jewellery to match your outfit, add essentials to your bag. This will prepare your mind without you even realising. 

Speaking of fashion, it’s going to be really interesting to see what the pandemic has done to the idea of workwear. Will we ever want to go back to suits, or will jeans and even joggers become de rigueur? 

Vogue’s Anna Wintour recently said on Naomi Campbell’s YouTube channel that she thinks people’s attitudes towards fashion will certainly have changed post-coronavirus, with more of a focus on “the art of fashion, and the design of fashion”. 

If you’re heading back to work soon and want to treat yourself to some new accessories to go with your older outfits, we have a range of costume jewellery available online. This gold-tone braid necklace will liven up a shirt should you be required to wear one, while this necklace is a little daintier yet still shows plenty of personality. 

And in case you’re in need of a little boost, we love our ‘strength’ sentiment bracelet to remind you that you can get through this – whatever happens next.