Costume Jewellery

Be a dream in green with calming costume jewellery

There’s something special about wearing the colour green in August. Perhaps it’s because the month’s birthstone is peridot, or maybe it’s down to this being the last time nature will be in full bloom before autumn rolls around again.

Either way, we love to complement our outfits with green jewellery at this time of year – and it seems we’re not alone. British Vogue has spotted a host of celebrities sporting green gems lately, including royals Meghan Markle and the Duchess of Cambridge.

Cartier, Pomellato and Harry Winston are also among the designer brands featuring green jewellery heavily in their forthcoming collections.

This is certainly nothing new – in fact, the Ancient Egyptians were known to favour peridot, while green gemstones in general were associated by early modern humans with power and influence.

Nowadays, we view green as being a balancing colour and having a therapeutic effect on the emotions and the mind. It can help to refresh and regenerate us, as well as making us more cheerful. And, let’s face it, that’s something we could all do with at the moment.

What’s more, green’s easygoing feel makes it really simple to introduce into your wardrobe, providing a fun pop of colour to your day without being too in-your-face.

If you want to try adding the hue with affordable costume jewellery first before moving on to clothing, we have some great green pieces here at Majique. For instance, this cool green faux leather bracelet with charms will look perfect with jeans and a summer T-shirt, while our green and gold-toned necklace offers a more sophisticated look for evening.

We also have plenty of green brooches here if you’d prefer.

Give this colour a try for the rest of the summer and, if you can’t get to the forest, let the feel of the forest come to you.