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Strike a ‘cord’ this summer with the ultimate relaxed jewellery

Whether it’s the lighter nights or the sunshine and all the extra vitamin D, there’s something about summer that always makes us feel super-relaxed. That translates into fashion as well, with simple T-shirts and floaty jersey dresses now replacing buttoned-up layers for an easygoing feel. And if you’re going to be casual with your clothing, […]

Bracelets Costume Jewellery

Jangle those bangles for a very boho summer

Whether it’s statement earrings or stacked necklaces, some accessories just end up defining a particular season. And this summer, it looks as though the bangle is set to do just that. Both Vogue and Grazia have highlighted this type of arm candy as being right on-trend for the (hopefully) warmer months of 2021, with the latter suggesting it harks […]