Costume Jewellery

Celebrate summer with #earparty vibes and sunshine-inspired jewellery

2020 really has been a time to count our blessings, even if it was only a way of keeping us sane during lockdown.

One of the items on our gratitude lists has been the chance to enjoy some really glorious weather, with late spring and early summer proving to be practically wall-to-wall sunshine and high temperatures.

Now we’re firmly in the middle of summer and life seems to be returning to a kind of normality again (touch wood), we’ve been thinking about jewellery trends here at Majique and how we might liven up our summer outfits to keep us feeling cheerful in the weeks ahead.

We love summer fashion, and one of the key trends we’ve noticed over the past few weeks is #earparty. This has been everywhere on Instagram and Pinterest and is essentially the mixing and matching of multiple earrings to wear all at once.

It’s a way of creating a tableau akin to a constellation on your ear lobes and it’s perfect for this time of year, when style starts to turn a little bohemian once more.

After all, when there are so many great variations of earrings out there, why settle for just one at a time? #Earparty is fab for all ages because it creates a really cool, edgy vibe yet still allows you to wear styles you already love and are comfortable with.

Here are some top tips on curating your #earparty:

  1. Smaller widths are better because they give you space between each earring
  2. Try starting with a drop style in your first piercing and then adding daintier stud earrings next
  3. Hoops in mixed sizes will look super-stylish and frame the face
  4. Don’t be afraid to mix different looks, such as a delicate pearl alongside geometric styles

Now is the perfect time to experiment too, as summer costume jewellery can really make a statement alongside sun dresses and crisp white cotton T-shirts with denim.

We love gold-toned jewellery in the summer months, so these gorgeous drop earrings with a freshwater pearl would be great teamed with these flower studs for a nature-inspired look.

Blue is another good choice for this time of year as it reflects the sky and water, so something like our long drop earrings with a blue bead would perfectly complement these blue druzy studs.

These star-studded hoops are another personal favourite from the Majique collection – and don’t forget we also offer sets of studs like these earth-toned ones if you need a boost to get started.

The beginning of this year might have been a major disappointment, but let’s celebrate summer in style with some great fashion jewellery. Go on – get the #earparty started!