Costume Jewellery

Fashion in a pandemic: New ways – New rules – New life

Since the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic, life has changed in ways we never could have imagined. Who would have thought, as we ate our Christmas dinner, that we would be kept apart from family and friends and housebound within just a few short weeks?

For many of those who were able to do so, these changes also meant ditching the daily commute to an office and working from home for perhaps the first time ever.

And for those who are used to formal office attire, this has no doubt taken some adjusting to in terms of getting ready for the 9-5 in the mornings. Do we stay in our PJs for WFH? Should we don a suit as though nothing has happened?

Well, we believe that your fashion choices can have a big impact on the way you feel. While it’s fine to slob around on those down days when you feel you need a little cosiness, keeping some semblance of your normal routine might actually help you better prepare for the day.

What’s more, it could also reduce your stress levels by helping you claw back a sense of control in a world that feels as though it’s spinning off-kilter.

However, that’s not to say you can’t play around with fashion as you embrace this new-found freedom. For instance, you could wear a more formal top and smart chain necklace, but with jogging bottoms so you’re video call-ready and still comfy.

You might also want to try some more statement jewellery while you’re outside the office dress code, or experiment with colours you’d usually steer clear of. Both of these will have the added benefit of giving you a boost whenever you glance down at them or see them in the mirror.

It might also be an idea to bring in a fun timetable one week, like Pink Wednesdays or Punk Fridays. Whatever you feel might help you get through these turbulent times, give it a whirl.

If you need an idea for a simple piece of affordable costume jewellery to boost your mood, we would suggest our beautiful mixed metal heart bracelet as it’s stylish and easy to slip on and off.

You could even send it to a loved one to remind them you’re thinking of them while you can’t be together – and that with a little love, we can and will get through this soon.