Costume Jewellery

Fashion jewellery trend: The girl with a pearl … everything!

One thing that has been great about getting back to some kind of normality lately is being able to fully immerse ourselves in the world of jewellery with you all again.

Seeing what other people are wearing, sharing news from the industry and generally doing what we love best has been truly wonderful – and without a doubt, one of our favourite things to do is spot up-and-coming trends.

This month, it has been fascinating to note the resurgence of costume jewellery featuring pearls. Suddenly everyone is sporting pearl earrings, necklaces and hair ornaments once more, with this set to be one of the key looks of the summer.

Indeed, the London Evening Standard quoted Google data showing searches for ‘pearl jewellery’ had increased 47 per cent in the ten days up to July 5th 2020, while pearls have been seen in collections from fashion houses including Gucci and Rihanna’s Fenty.

It’s interesting because, though we typically see pearls make a comeback in the autumn and winter, giving them a playful and relaxed vibe means they’re now working equally well for the warmer months.

So don’t think of the gems as stuffy and formal; instead, as Stylist magazine states: “Welcome to the new era of the pearl.”

To work your pearls this summer, try wearing them big and bold alongside beachwear (even if it’s only the sands of Great Yarmouth), or juxtapose their delicacy with chunky chains – we love this stunning necklace with gold-toned links.

You can also go for a boho look using longer lines as with these earrings, which are far from the strait-laced pearls of old.

Of course, that’s not to say you can’t aim for a timeless feel in your styling too, as this is something pearls will be perfect for. Why not try high-waisted jeans and a T-shirt teamed with a preppy pearl hair slide? Very off-duty Marilyn Monroe, we think.

As ever, we’ve got plenty more in stock here at Majique, so take a look and feel like a pearly queen this season!