Costume Jewellery

Get a summer vibe with joyful, gem-like beads

Maybe it’s the fact that we’re now well into summer, or perhaps it’s our continued determination to look for rainbows amid the storm of a global pandemic, but we’ve noticed that beads are having a moment in the jewellery world right now.

All over our Insta feeds it’s clear that boldly-coloured beads are de rigueur – and suddenly, stacking them up the wrist or right across the neckline no longer seems too extra, but totally the most stylish thing to do.

As the Times’ fashion pages point out, not only are beads easy to wear no matter what the weather, but they’re also “joyfully childlike in construction”. They remind us of the first costume jewellery we owned as kids and the happy memories that brings back. Essentially, beads are a way of getting in touch with that nostalgia of when summers seemed endless and perfect and our lives were unhindered by global catastrophe.

What’s more, they also happen to be great for getting that on-holiday feeling, even if your trip to Corfu got shelved (thanks, COVID-19).

As ever, though, when the fashion industry gets nostalgic and seeks to bring a trend back, there’s a slight twist to revamp it for the 21st century.

This time, it’s the use of more high-end beads like turquoise, quartz and aquamarine to create fashion earrings and bracelets, with these semi-precious materials having almost talismanic properties to provide strength and ward off evil (that figures, given the presence of a super-villain-like virus).

They’re a toned-down, laid-back alternative to diamonds and a way of creating a strong look yet also wearing clean, sleek jewellery at the same time.

This is something we’ve seen in the pages of British Vogue lately, as well as in the designs showcased at the digital-only Masterpiece London event. Also, we don’t know if you noticed, but the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton was wearing some gorgeous smoky quartz bead earrings in numerous video call events during lockdown, helping to create a more casual feel without her resorting to loungewear like the rest of us.

You might be thinking that this sounds like something of an expensive trend even with diamond substitutes, but never fear – Majique is here, and we’ve got plenty of semi-precious bead lookalikes in stock for you to get your hands on.

For instance, these blue bead earrings on a gold drop look just like turquoise, while these pretty pale blue studs are a dupe for the far more expensive aquamarine.

We love these green jade-a-like drop earrings for evening, and our lapis lookalikes have a Grecian feel ideal for socially distanced summer get-togethers.

Oh, and if you’ve been searching fruitlessly for earrings like Kate’s because they’ve all sold out, then why not try these smoky stone drop earrings instead? They’re super-similar to quartz and also won’t break the bank.

Give this trend a try for summer 2020 – and don’t worry, bead happy.