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Get in the loop – and make your earrings hoops

They were a jewellery staple of the autumn months, but it looks as though hoop earrings aren’t going anywhere as we move further into spring and start planning our ‘free at last’ outfits for parks and beer gardens.

We’ve spotted plenty of celebrities and social media influencers still rocking this simple yet effective style accessory, which isn’t surprising because it goes as well with a hoodie as it does with a smart shirt or a skater dress.

For example, Hailey Bieber is often photographed sporting hoop earrings, as is Vogue Williams (who recently wore her gold ones alongside leopard print to great effect).

Meanwhile, Jennifer Lopez is rarely without her hoops, leading to them becoming something of a signature style for the Latina megastar. She even posted a recent video on her Instagram Stories of her wearing oversized hoop earrings with a yellow bikini, proving there’s no situation that this style won’t suit.

And to name just one more example, the Duchess of Cambridge was spotted a few weeks ago wearing pink crystal and gold charm hoop earrings on a video call, sparking a trend for colourful hoops as well as simple metal tones.


Hoop earrings are great because they’re as easygoing and effortlessly cool as a favourite pair of jeans, plus they convey a sense of fun and flirtatiousness that’s ideal for this time of year. Whether you go for super-sized or earlobe huggers, there’s a pair for every occasion too.

This year has seen a range of detailing added to hoops, from crystals and charms a la Kate to bold enamel, so don’t be afraid to experiment with something a little different than you’re used to for maximum effect.

We’ve got plenty of hoop earrings in stock via the dedicated section of our website here at Majique for you to try, including these popular gold-tone twist hoops – perfect for everyday – and our cute crystal cuffs.

You can get more of a boho summer vibe with our shell charm hoops, while these colourful crystal hoops are just the ticket if you want something slightly more decorative.

As you can see, this type of earring can be whatever you want it to be – so make sure you’re firmly in the loop if you want to rack up style points this spring.