Costume Jewellery

Get ready to jangle some bangles this season

We talked about pearls and bright beads being big trends this year, but one great type of jewellery that might have slipped under the radar somewhat is the humble bangle.

A real classic – and a high-fashion favourite since Cartier’s iconic ‘Love’ design back in the 1970s – it has been sneaking its way onto our Instagram feeds over the past few weeks before suddenly exploding in popularity for the festive season.

Vogue and Who What Wear have been picking out some of their favourite designer bangles to highlight for the winter season and even into next spring and summer, with Chloe, Dior, Lavin and Cartier all bringing out new designs for their virtual runways.

What’s great about a bangle is that it can be worn as simply or as decadently as you like. An elegant gold style worn alone with a simple dress on a bare arm can look so chic without you really having to try, which is great if you’re time-poor.

On the other hand, bangles are the perfect jewellery for stacking from the wrist to as far up the arm as you want; there’s no wrong way to wear them.

We think this is a big reason why 2020 has seen bangles surge in popularity. It’s part of the ongoing trend for what’s referred to as ‘curation’, which simply means putting items together that speak to you or mean a lot to you.

This is a quick method of expressing your personal story and making the bangles you wear appear completely different to those sported by others, even if they’re similar pieces.

It’s also really easy to find and style complementary designs, because pretty much anything will go together. Don’t be afraid to mix your metals and look for varying textures either, as this will help to add interest and a sense of flow.

Vanessa Hudgens was photographed at the MTV Movie & TV Awards: Greatest of All Time Special last weekend wearing lots of gold bangles if you want inspiration, but it’s best to simply select a few styles and try your own look.

And while Dior and Cartier might be within reach of the A List, you can still rock a bangle with the best of them if you shop for your costume jewellery with Majique.

We have a host of styles starting on our page here, including this designer-esque piece that’s the perfect starting point for any collection.

Another favourite is this bangle engraved with the sentiment ‘dream’, while we also love this fabulous design with the infinity loops.

Go on – give those bangles a jangle this Christmas – and beyond!