Costume Jewellery Necklace

Get the body jewellery look with long pendants

Billie Eilish’s recent Vogue photoshoot might have sparked controversy in terms of the outfit she wore, but it has also prompted the resurgence of a very particular trend in accessories: body jewellery.

Yes, with the simple addition of a few dangling jewels across the singer’s torso, the world’s love of a midriff chain has been reignited. This look was huge news in the 1990s right up until the early 2000s, having been sparked by Karl Lagerfeld sending the likes of Naomi Campbell down his spring/summer 1995 runways sporting chains around their waists.

Beautiful Long Pendant

The look became de rigueur alongside a crop top and low-slung jeans, with Britney Spears, the late Aaliyah and Paris Hilton among the most photographed and dedicated wearers of body jewellery. It made for a great way to pack in extra accessories and helped to create a fluid, bohemian feel for those turn-of-the-century outfits.

Now, hot on the heels of Billie’s front cover, Vogue reports that body jewellery is back. Chanel, Nordstrom and Alberta Ferretti are among the big brands getting on board, adding harnesses and sparkling double belts over bare midriffs to their projected collections up until 2022, in some cases.

However, much as we love a good excuse to wear more jewellery, we can’t help but spy a few slight problems with this trend. For starters, what with gym closures and pandemic snacking, many of us aren’t rocking quite the same figures we had before. We don’t know about you, but we’re not really down with flashing too much bare waist right now.

What’s more, many Brits will be heading back into the office soon if they haven’t already, where crop tops and belly chains would no doubt be frowned upon (not to mention a potential hazard with all those dangling lobster clasps around doors and filing cabinets).

So, with the utmost respect to the fashion bible that is Vogue, here at Majique we’d suggest making a tiny change to the trend and adopting layered longline pendants instead of adorning your whole upper body in chains.

These will give you the feel of boho costume jewellery and the satisfaction of getting the look, only without the danger of becoming tangled up with your trousers and jacket every time you move.

We’d particularly recommend this leaf pendant from our latest collection, or this one if you favour a tassel. And if you really fancy a little extra body jewellery, you could always add some sparkle in the form of a headband too.

Now all we’ve got to do is re-learn the dance routine to Baby One More Time…