Costume Jewellery

Hair jewellery stages a comeback amid the new normal

It has taken some adjustment, but we’re almost used to the government’s requirement for us to all wear face masks in public now (and for the foreseeable future). 

However, if you thought you couldn’t possibly look stylish while sporting PPE, think again – because the world of costume jewellery has stepped up once more. 

Now our makeup doesn’t look quite so bold (good contouring and lippy are a bit pointless beneath three layers of fabric), hair accessories have come to the fore in a way we haven’t really seen since the glory days of the late 1990s. 

It’s something that was first noted by the big fashion mags in the long days of lockdown, when celebrities including Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid were spotted on social media wearing everything from headbands and scrunchies to good old crocodile clips to tame their undone tresses. 

Even when the salons opened again and we could go out more, though, this desire to accessorise the hair didn’t go away. Perhaps it was the realisation of how quick and easy slides and clips are to use, or the way they make you look instantly more pulled-together, but the fashionistas among us just kept going back to them. 

And now we’re looking towards the autumn/winter catwalks for inspiration, it seems hair accessories have officially become ‘a thing’. They’re being adopted by a host of designer brands within their latest collections, meaning we’ll be seeing them everywhere soon.

Allure magazine explains that it’s another way for us to regain control and say “to heck with the rules”, as well as a show of hope in these ongoing times of uncertainty. But whichever type of hair jewellery you choose, ensure you make a real statement. “Whatever you do, just don’t think small,” Allure advises.

We’ve always loved a good piece of hair jewellery here at Majique, which means we already have plenty of beautiful slides and clips in stock to keep you going for the last days of summer and into autumn.

Our faux pearl slides are a dead ringer for a designer piece we saw in Vogue, while these flower clips fit perfectly into the trend for wearing tropical flowers in updos.

Why not give them a try and see if this rejuvenated costume jewellery can help you stand out beneath your mask?