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Haute Couture Week goes virtual for 2021

As we all know from The Devil Wears Prada, this time of year would normally be when the fashionistas of the world descend on Paris so Haute Couture Week can showcase the highlights of style for spring and summer.

This year is once again not quite the same, but that didn’t stop Paris being the centre of the fashion world as usual over the past few days – with Haute Couture Week being hosted digitally instead.

People tuned in from all over the globe for this virtual extravaganza to see brands like Dior, Fendi, Valentino and Armani reveal their latest designs, and it proved to be an Insta-worthy treat for the senses.

Historical themes were huge news, with almost every time period from Ancient Greece and 1920s Art Deco to Regency and Medieval covered across the various runways.

Fendi in particular went for regal glamour, showcasing an array of pearls and elaborate jewellery that we’re looking forward to seeing filtering down to the high street.

Interestingly, it wasn’t all about ballgowns either; many designers presented a nod to at-home chic by revealing velvet suits and maxi skirts. Not quite the loungewear we’re all used to, but good to see them acknowledging us mortals nonetheless!

“I have always felt that clothes should be comfortable and functional as well as beautiful,” pointed out the iconic Giorgio Armani.

Another fascinating look was the corset from Daniel Rosebery, which was sculpted to look like abs (and could therefore be handy when you want a beach body this summer but all the gyms have been closed).

Jewellery-wise, we loved seeing supersized earrings from Fendi and Dior’s pearl tiaras, while natural motifs such as leaves and constellations shone out from the likes of De Beers.

However, perhaps our favourite part of the whole show was the tarot-themed film presented by Dior’s Maria Grazia Chiuri, which saw a model walking through a gorgeous Tuscan castle and encountering a host of stunning outfits and jewellery along the way.

It really was magical escapism – and perhaps as close as we’ll get to Italy for the foreseeable future!

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