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How chunky gold rings are making their presence felt

Despite many people now working from home once again in a bid to beat the pandemic, we’re still seeing plenty of accessorising on our social media feeds. Not being in the office isn’t dampening your desire to wear great costume jewellery, that’s for sure!

And one particular type of jewellery is standing out in popularity lately, according to Yahoo! Style’s fashion expert Hannah Almassi: the chunky gold ring.

Rings have already proved to be the accessory of choice for lockdown, perhaps because they’re nice to see as you tap away at a keyboard, they make you feel a bit smarter, and they’re really easy to slip on in the mornings.

However, Hannah notes that they’ve become even more of a style statement for the early months of 2021 as fashionistas seek bolder pieces that really speak to them, with ‘gold-toned’ and ‘chunky’ being perfect fits for these criteria.

Rings WR125410RN-4
Rings WR125410RN-4

She said she’s seeing scores of wide-banded gold rings on her Insta feed from both influencers and designers, meaning you’re likely to see even more on yours over the coming months.

“No mani shot or mirror selfie appears to be complete without a smattering of heavyweight ring,” the expert noted.

Fashion site Nylon is also championing the chunky gold ring, suggesting its popularity might originate from the popular designer brand Sandy Liang.

Wherever it came from, at Majique we think this is a great trend because it means you only need to choose one piece of jewellery (or one per hand, if you’d rather) to make a real splash – and your ring will show up nicely as you gesticulate on Zoom!

However, with some of the recommendations being made on the pages above costing in the hundreds and sometimes even thousands of pounds, we’d suggest that you opt for designer-like instead of big brand.

We have plenty of styles in stock that look great without costing a fortune, including this gold-toned ring that looks super-expensive but is actually only £10.

This one keeps things delicate with a touch of filigree in the centre if you need to ease yourself into chunkiness, while this one feels almost Romanesque with its shield-look design.

Why not try one with your favourite #WFH outfit and see if it can lift your mood this January?