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How jewellery retailers can make the most of the summer staycation boom

Summer has classically been a tricky time for retailers. With holidaymakers usually leaving our shores, most would agree sales can dip as the mercury rises.

However, 2021 is no ordinary year. With the pandemic ongoing and most of our usual travel destinations amber-listed (at least), more people than ever before have booked a holiday at home.

Summer Themed Jewellery

Indeed, a survey found 84 per cent of Brits are planning a 2021 staycation, with Cornwall, the Scottish Highlands, Devon, the Lake District and the Yorkshire Dales looking set to be particularly popular.

That means jewellery retailers in tourist hotspots like seaside locations or even historic market towns may be set to enjoy a welcome boost as people seek out things to do while on sightseeing tours or walking back from restaurants.

But how can you ensure your shop has what it takes to lure in those tourists and make the most of increased passing footfall this summer? Here are a few of our top ideas:

Offer events

You’ll have to plan any events around COVID restrictions, but things like raffles, prizes for the 100th person through the door and fashion shows are all options for jewellery sellers to increase engagement. This could help to generate a buzz and get more people in front of your products.

Head outside

If you have permission, maybe you could consider setting up a pop-up stall near the beach or in a park? This will showcase your wares and help out if your usual location isn’t front and centre. You might even serve up free lemonade or mocktails as a sweetener.

Drive demand with limited editions

The likes of Pandora encourage purchases by ensuring customers know their products are only available for a limited time, so take a leaf out of their book and make up some summer-themed jewellery bundles at a special price. You could swap them for July and August and wrap them in seasonal tissue paper for a boutique beach vibe that will make shoppers feel they’re getting something really special.

Make yourself useful

Even if your location has official tourist information, you might find that offering free maps and guides to local attractions is appealing to visitors. And while they’re picking up a leaflet, they might just treat themselves to an inexpensive necklace or bracelet, after all.

Keep the good vibrations going

Don’t forget to follow up any positive relationships built this summer in order to generate sales further down the line. For example, you could offer an online discount code with each physical purchase, or reward points for people who tag you on social media wearing one of your pieces. As the Beach Boys said, it’s all about good vibrations!

As ever, we’ve got all the summer-themed jewellery you need here at Majique, so why not stock up and see if you can wow those tourists over the coming months.