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Jangle those bangles for a very boho summer

Whether it’s statement earrings or stacked necklaces, some accessories just end up defining a particular season. And this summer, it looks as though the bangle is set to do just that.

Both Vogue and Grazia have highlighted this type of arm candy as being right on-trend for the (hopefully) warmer months of 2021, with the latter suggesting it harks back to the wider boho themes we all embraced back in 2004-05.

Indeed, many of you will no doubt fondly remember copying Sienna Miller and wearing tiered skirts, coin belts and crocheted tops or even waistcoats ad nauseam – we know we did.

Love Sing Live Dance

This time, it’s up to you whether you revive the other components of the boho look (and we’d perhaps suggest leaving coin belts in the early Noughties), but bangles are the perfect way to get that throwback feel while also staying contemporary and modern.

They’re great for making more of a statement than a traditional bracelet yet at the same time remaining classy and elegant enough to suit any occasion, whether that’s a music festival or a day at the office.

We’ve already seen a variety of different styles of bangle from many of the big fashion houses, and they’re all there: cuffs, upper-arm pieces, gold and silver tones, so there’s definitely an ‘anything goes’ mentality for this summer trend.

If you like a slim bangle, you might want to wear just one teamed with a maxi dress and three-quarter-sleeved linen jacket for a really chic night out.

Alternatively, you could go for a punkier feel by choosing a chunky metal bangle, skinny tee, denim skirt and lace-up boots. And if costume jewellery for you is all about ‘more is more’, then don’t be afraid to stack a host of bangles with tighter friendship-style bracelets for an eclectic finish (and plenty of jangling).

As ever, we’ve got plenty of bangles in stock here at Majique, including this best-selling gold-toned hinged style and our stackable set of four silver-toned message bangles.

Now all we’ve got to do is hope for a sun-drenched summer in which to show them off!