Costume Jewellery

Keep the rainbow going with colourful jewellery

Throughout these trying times and our lengthy period of lockdown, the rainbow has become a symbol of hope and togetherness against an unseen enemy.

Rainbows were painted by children and placed in windows to cheer up passersby and thank the NHS for their hard work and sacrifices. It was a way of remembering that the sun would come out of the shadows again one day.

Now, as we try to make our way back towards some kind of normality, it seems many people are unwilling to let this uplifting symbol go. Stylists worldwide are noting a trend for splashes of colour on everything from interiors and clothing to costume jewellery.

And it isn’t just delicate hints of colour here and there, either: pop art themes and candy-style designs are the order of the day.

Perhaps it’s not only a way of connecting to the more nostalgic days of our childhood pre-coronavirus, but also a method of weaning ourselves off all the sugary snacks we consumed while housebound – we’re wearing them instead of eating them!

As Glamour magazine notes, though, “a bit of bling is the ultimate highlight” and “every stylist’s secret weapon for looking polished without trying too hard”.

That means using colour boldly could be a great way of accessorising when you go back to work: you’ll be right on trend without having to spend more time on your look than you would when working from home.

And, as we often talk about on these pages, colour can be applied to boost your mood because its varying wavelengths offer different levels of energy when they enter the body.

For example, green is calming and can help you deal with new beginnings, while orange is joyful, warming, awakening to wisdom and linked to creativity.

Why not try adding some bolder hues to your outfit and see if you can enjoy a pick-me-up whenever you see them?

If you feel self-conscious about wearing anything overly bright, sporting it through fashion jewellery is the ideal introduction. For example, our chunky multi-coloured acrylic necklace would look super-stylish over a white or black T-shirt and really allows you to wear the rainbow.

We also stock it in single colours such as frosted orange, which would be perfect over earth tones like brown or khaki for summer.

You could also try these green drop earrings to cheer up the people you pass (at a two-metre distance) – and this bracelet is pure Rainbow-Brite for children of the ’80s.

Let’s start a chain reaction and see if we can keep the rainbow going as a symbol of optimism and, hopefully, eventual triumph over this pandemic.