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Layering necklaces part 2: How to achieve #neckmess

If you’re a regular reader of our blog, you’ll know that in last week’s post we were talking about layering necklaces and how the hashtag #neckmess is becoming a hot topic in the jewellery industry (you can catch up here if you missed it).

By now, you might be wondering how you can interpret this trend for yourself, particularly if you’re the kind of person who has typically only worn one necklace at a time. After all, you’re aiming for #neckmess, not #hotmess, right?

Well, you’re in luck, because we’ve put together a how-to for you to ensure you’re bang on-trend. Here are our top tips on sporting multiple, layered necklaces all at once.

Pick accessories that speak to you

As we mentioned last week, you can use your necklaces like a charm bracelet to carry memories. Think about telling your own story and expressing your personality – what would you like to show about yourself?

For instance, you might want to pick a style with a tree pendant like this one to represent your family, or styles with beads in your favourite colour. You could express a rebellious attitude with a chunky chain or sensuality using snake or herringbone chains, while pearls could demonstrate a traditional side.

Mix chains to prevent tangling

A clever trick to stop your costume jewellery getting tangled is to opt for different chains – for instance, snake against curb chain – as they will slightly repel each other rather than getting constantly mixed up.

Different lengths add interest and keep order

It’s a good idea to go for at least three necklaces when you’re layering, and keeping them at different lengths helps you to see them individually. Perhaps start with a choker, then go for a slightly longer chain made of coins (hugely fashionable right now). Long necklaces with motifs like stars are a good choice, while bars will act like a lariat to draw the eye down for your final layer.

Mix your metals – or don’t

Mixing metal colours can feel tricky if you’ve never done it, so by all means start with necklaces all in the same tone. This can also help when it comes to what clothes you’re wearing with your jewellery. Once you feel comfortable wearing multiple items, you can ease yourself in to mixed metals – rose gold and yellow gold are good ones to start with.

Cheat – wear pieces that are already layered!

Finally, if you’re still not sure what looks right together, you can always cheat and get us here at Majique to do the hard work for you. We stock a range of pieces that feature multiple layers, all joined together with a single clasp to make for easy wear and easy care.

For example, this necklace features lots of layers in mixed metals, as does this pretty piece. This one is also ideal with its built-in choker and lariat style.

There we have it – it’s easier than you think to achieve #neckmess, so go forth and multiply those necklaces! Don’t forget to share the results with us on social media too.