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Lockdown 2.0: Let’s help prevent ‘the nightmare before Christmas’

For those of us in England, this past weekend brought the news we had all been hoping not to have to read: that, as of Thursday 5th November, the nation will once again be going into lockdown in a bid to halt the spread of coronavirus. 

We know this will be a real body blow for the majority of our retailers, and our director Harprit Pitu Suri has made the following statement for all users of the Majique site in light of these circumstances: 

Dear valued business owners and customers, 

We again find ourselves in the midst of a health crisis, but please rest assured that we at Oceanic are taking all the necessary precautions across our operations to ensure safety for all in the supply chain. 

Despite what now seems to be a second wave of the COVID-19 outbreak, we are currently continuing to process orders as usual.

Should this change or should there prove to be an unanticipated hiccup along the supply chain – which includes the UK courier network – we will of course alert you.

Please check our website if you require any information on our business hours and location opening times, or wish to place an order. 

Otherwise, once again, please stay safe and in good health. 

Harprit Pitu Suri,

This is indeed terrible news for our boutique jewellers and gift shops, which must close their retail premises later this week as non-essential suppliers to the public.

However, we at Majique remain able to restock our supplies and can therefore offer all the accessories you need to keep selling to your own customers online.

During the height of the first wave of the pandemic in March and April, we saw success among our partners who came up with innovative ways of getting their products out to potential customers, particularly amid the bonhomie surrounding ‘shop local’.

For instance, shops took to Facebook community groups and Instagram to showcase jewellery that could be purchased for click and collect, especially gift items to cover lockdown birthdays.

There was also the idea of mystery goodie bags from local sellers, which may easily be adapted for affordable costume jewellery items. These can be bought online and then picked up to provide the small boost of a nice surprise that can be kept and worn during this trying time.

We would also suggest putting out trend-related news so that customers can stay ‘in the know’ and be tempted by your stock. For example, colourful acrylic and hoop earrings are a big trend right now as a nod to the 1970s, so why not suggest these via a mailing list or social media? These green earrings are a dead ringer for some Nina Ricci ones we saw on The Zoe Report, so could be a good place to start if people are taking the time to start Christmas shopping. 

Earrings 08106FH-PER – Enamel Jewellery – Paint, Hoop Earrings

Just like in the spring, we can get through this together as we hope for an end to the pandemic and at least some respite for the festive season. We wish you all the very best for this second period of lockdown, however long it lasts.