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Make a statement: The nameplate necklace makes a comeback – with fresh words

Remember there was a time in the early Noughties when everyone who was anyone sported a nameplate necklace? 

The trend experienced a real boom due to the TV show Sex and the City, when stylist Patricia Field saw kids in New York wearing them and decided to put one on Sarah Jessica Parker’s character Carrie. 

However, Vice magazine points out that they actually date back much further than that, with Victorian women wearing nameplate brooches and Jewish ladies sporting pendants that read ‘mizpah’ during periods of separation from loved ones. 

Anyway, we digress – but the point is that nameplates are back, albeit with a more modern update. Now, rather than simply declaring your name, your necklace can signify anything from your star sign to your favourite affirmation. 

“I Love You”
Majique Gold Alloy Sentiments Necklace

We’ve spotted scores of celebrities already rocking the nameplate trend, with Alesha Dixon opting to wear a Black Lives Matter chain and both Taylor Swift and Michelle Obama going for ‘Voter’ in a bid to remind younger generations to make their voices heard. 

The former first lady also has one that reads ‘Becoming’ (after her iconic autobiography), while Gigi Hadid was gifted a ‘Mama’ necklace following the birth of her daughter. 

We love wearing costume jewellery that has a meaning behind it, as it creates a real emotional connection to the piece and allows you to translate your personality or a significant event into something tangible that can be kept for years to come. 

Nameplate necklaces also make a statement to the outside world in a way that can demonstrate your individuality and really show what you’re about. 

Although some of the styles you’ve seen on your favourite influencers might be somewhat pricey, rest assured that you can still get in on the trend for a much more affordable investment if you visit Majique. 

We have a host of these necklaces in stock in our ‘sentiments’ section, many of which will be particularly meaningful now as we continue to navigate the ongoing pandemic. 

For instance, this one says ‘hope’, while this necklace says ‘smile’ and could therefore be a reminder to others as well as yourself that better times must be coming. 

We adore this one that reads ‘be the change’ – and this style simply says ‘live’. Because, to paraphrase the popular book, sometimes you have to feel the fear and go about your life anyway. 

Which statement necklace will you choose to represent you?