Costume Jewellery

Make Mother’s Day with some thoughtful jewellery

It’s that time of year again: Mother’s Day is fast approaching, which means it’s a good idea to put some thought in now as to what gifts you’re going to choose to make her feel special.

In 2019, shoppers in the UK spent a collective £1.6 billion on the occasion – which this year falls on Sunday March 22nd – but we can’t help but wonder how much of that cash went on last-minute bunches of flowers and kitschy ornaments straight from the supermarket shelves.

Instead of making Mothering Sunday a slapdash affair in 2020, why not demonstrate you really are grateful for all her love and buy her some classic – yet affordable – jewellery she can enjoy for years to come?

We have some fantastic pieces here at Majique to suit all tastes, so the first thing to consider is her personality: what style of jewellery would she prefer?

For instance, if she’s extroverted and flamboyant, a little bling like our colourful flower necklace will create a real talking point that she’ll love to show off.

On the other hand, a quieter, more classic mum might appreciate something a little more understated like our beautiful pearl bracelet. Remember not to buy something just because you like it – take a peek at her existing collection to scout out what metal tones and styles she tends to prefer and use them as your guide.

Another great idea is jewellery featuring printed sentiments, as there are some really heartfelt and inspiring phrases available. We have both necklaces and bracelets like this on our website, with the latter likely to make her think of you every time she glances down at her wrist.

Flowers might be lovely for Mother’s Day, but a well-chosen accessory will last far longer – and, looking at the prices of certain bouquets, investing in high-quality costume jewellery from Majique is sure to be far better for your bank balance!

Why not take a look at our website and get shopping now so you can avoid the rush and get your gift in plenty of time?