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Marketers encouraged to ‘find the magic of story’

The past few months have been a tough time for brands as they struggle to find their way through the trials of the coronavirus pandemic. 

It might sometimes have felt as though trying to sell products was somehow inappropriate, even though this continues to be vital for small retail businesses that simply need to make ends meet. 

However, one expert has encouraged marketers not to be afraid of continuing to build relationships at this time and to get their company’s name ‘out there’ in a positive way, despite coronavirus. 

Whats Your Story Bigger

Speaking at the Festival of Marketing this month, Linda Boff of General Electric (renowned worldwide for being one of today’s most influential marketing executives) insisted marketers need to recognise that they are the “soul of the company”. 

However, she pointed out that they may need to take a different approach to selling than before by putting the “magic of the story, the magic of the narrative” at the forefront of their agenda. 

“The magic of any company’s story is one that the marketer is there to find, to sometimes dig out, sometimes unleash. Igniting passion remains vital to effective marketing,” Marketing Week quoted her as saying to the event’s audience. 

Indeed, according to Harvard School of Business, messages delivered as stories are 22 times more memorable than facts because people like to know there is a human touch behind the brands they admire. 

By capturing the stories behind your products and your brand, you can provide something aspirational to your would-be customers and make them want what you are offering, as opposed to telling them that they need it. 

Find the Magic of Story

So, as owners of jewellery retail businesses, how can you do this? Well, it’s important to think about what your brand stands for and how you can personalise this for your audience. 

Perhaps you can show the people on your team via social media and share a snapshot of their lives? Maybe you could present images of the town or city in which you are based and demonstrate that you appreciate its heritage, for instance (leather goods brand Tinbox Angel is great at this on Instagram). 

A good example of storytelling from bigger names can be found in Swarovski’s latest campaign #SparkDelight, which is all about finding joy in small moments, while Nike, Dove and even Lynx have been excelling at story-based marketing in recent months. 

You might also want to check out this infographic from Fathom via Visually, which offers some great ideas on the technique that could easily be adapted for jewellery retail. 

By connecting with your audience and engaging in an emotional way through content delivered from the heart, you should be able to navigate the minefield of mid-pandemic marketing – without becoming too salesy.