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Necklaces go longline for summer in a nod to the past

We’ve enjoyed a few seasons with collar necklaces and choker chains in fashion, but it looks as though it’s now time to add a little extra length to your accessories as spring and summer approach.

That’s because costume jewellery is taking its cues from the late 20th century and borrowing more relaxed looks from the 1960s, the 1980s, and – in particular – the 1970s. It could be something to do with TV series such as The Crown and Firefly Lane, but it seems we can’t get enough of nostalgic styles that really roll back the decades.

Jewellery designer Sarah Staudinger told fashion magazine TZR she thinks it’s very much a reaction to the past year and our long confinement to home.

“The ’60s and ’70s celebrated self-expression. I think after months at home, everyone is ready to embrace and express themselves through fashion again,” she commented.

Long necklaces are really being singled out as the epitome of chic from that era and help to create a casual, hippy vibe that will be ideal for the warmer months. Indeed, this is something the big fashion brands have already focused on with their spring/summer runways.

Fashion Necklaces

As Who What Wear pointed out, Chloe, Dior and Chanel have all been showcasing long necklaces in recent weeks, with designs including beads, pearls and single pendants. Although they’re all very different, they still manage to provide that retro feel for 2021.

Rihanna is among the famous faces who have been wearing longline necklaces to excellent effect, although she teamed hers with a chunkier chain too as part of a layered look for a recent Los Angeles night out.

Whether you do the same or opt for a cool single pendant, you really can’t go wrong with this style of accessory. It will help to refresh your wardrobe as we do venture out again, plus it’s very flattering thanks to the fact that it adds length to the body.

We love a long necklace here at Majique and there are loads to choose from, including this Matt Gold Long Necklace With Chain Tassel Drop, or this Brown Suede Necklace With Oval Snake Print Pendant for a very earth-toned retro vibe.

There’s also the Gold 2 Row Multi Colour Necklace if you want something you can wear a little shorter as well.

So choose your favourite pieces, add some colourful clothes and see if you can feel the optimism of the decades that brought us hippy chic, disco – and so much more.