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Power pearls: A gem for both strength and femininity enjoys the limelight

Everyone loves a bit of bling now and then, but it seems a look that’s altogether calmer and more sophisticated is coming to the fore: pearls.

Of course, they’ve never really gone out of fashion, but the classy gemstone is enjoying a real moment in the jewellery industry’s limelight as women seek something that little bit different.

One prominent woman who’s given pearls a real boost is forthcoming US vice president Kamala Harris, who is rarely photographed without her signature pearl jewellery.

She frequently wears pearl earrings and a single strand of black pearls, which she sometimes swaps for a station-style chain of white pearls. In fact, her 1986 graduation photo shows her sporting similar accessories – so what is it about pearls that perhaps draw her to them?

Contributing jewellery director for British Vogue Carol Woolton explained that pearls create an “image of success and classy refinement”, together with an “authoritative air and the sheen of femininity” – something that the first woman in the White House in her own right would surely appreciate.

She’s in good company too, as Jackie Kennedy also favoured the gems and once said: “Pearls are always appropriate.”

However, the fact that Kamala wears her pearls in a slightly alternative way means she updates the look for the 21st century and also signifies her new point of view.

Avril Graham of Harper’s Bazaar pointed out that this style shows how the wearer “can be soft and beautiful while also maintaining incredible strength”.

And this evolution of pearls as up-to-the-minute is something that the fashion world as a whole is appreciating, judging by all the recent haute couture shows and increased sales.

Interestingly, it is trickling down to the wedding market too, with pearl engagement rings becoming hugely fashionable. Emma Stone had one presented to her to beautiful effect recently, to name but one celebrity fan.

It’s a great way, as we said earlier, to enjoy something that little bit different from the usual bling. And the fact that pearls are associated with wisdom, loyalty and integrity seems perfectly serendipitous to us.

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Go on – give pearls a try and see if they have a positive effect on your style.