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Reach for the sky in 2021 with celestial-themed jewellery

Perhaps it’s connected to the fact that Virgin Galactic wants to start operating the first space tourism flights from next year (seems optimistic, if you ask us), but celestial motifs like the stars and the moon look set to be a key trend in both fine and costume jewellery for 2021.

We’ve already seen a number of designs coming through for next season from the big brand names, with Cara Delevingne advertising Dior’s constellation and moon jewellery, fine jeweller Boodles offering a moon and stars necklace, and Rita Ora the face of Thomas Sabo’s star-themed collection.

That means the trend is likely to get bigger in the weeks ahead, so you might want to become an early adopter by adding some of this type of jewellery to your collection.

Co-founder of Sorellina Kim Carosella told style bible The Zoe Report she thinks motifs like the moon are reassuring, which is probably why they’ve come to the fore at this point in 2020.

“We believe people take comfort in the idea of something so much bigger than themselves, especially during dark times,” she explained.

Ashley Zhang, a fine jeweller based in New York, also told the same publication that such symbols are a “reminder of interconnection wherever one might be, especially during this time with many separated from friends and family”.

That really struck a chord with us here at Majique; the fact that we’re all looking at the same stars and moon, and the same sun comes up for us no matter where in the world we are, even if we can’t be together as we might wish.

Whenever you look up to the heavens, there’s a feeling that you are a small part of a bigger whole and that things will keep going, which makes our own problems seem somehow smaller and easier to overcome.

That’s a lot of symbolism and responsibility to pack into our humble accessories, but we’re on board with it and the hope for the future it represents!

And if you’re feeling inspired by the trend, then we’re here as ever to supply all the purse-friendly jewellery you could want. Celestial motifs look really great layered up, so perhaps a few necklaces in different lengths might be a good place to start.

This necklace is choker-length and features lots of tiny stars, while this style is longer and would complement it beautifully, as would this one with crescent moons.

Majique also has a ‘heavenly host’ of bracelets to fit the theme, with this celestial sun style a particular favourite.

Why not try it and aim for the stars (or moon, or sun) this season?