Costume Jewellery Rings

Stack your rings for a sensational look this summer

We’ve seen both layered necklaces and multiple earrings rise to the fore in fashion this year, so it should perhaps come as no surprise that stackable rings are becoming the must-have costume jewellery for summer.

Wearing several rings at the same time is one of our favourite ways to style this type of accessory, as it creates a really edgy look without being difficult to get right. If you need Insta inspiration, multiple celebrities from Rihanna to Kate Bosworth favour stacked rings – and you can always look to Phoebe Buffay during the current ‘Friends’ resurgence to see the original poster girl for the vibe.

Lots Of Rings

However, if you’re feeling intimidated by your options for stacking, we’ve put together some of our top tips to get you started and have you eager to put a ring on it.

  1. Thin rings work best

We love a chunky ring, but slimmer profiles are where it’s at if you’re going to be stacking them up. After all, go too wide and you won’t be able to fit as many on your fingers!

  1. Try different levels

It’s automatic when putting a ring on to push it all the way down, but you can wear some of your rings just above the knuckle too (a ‘midi’ style). You may need to buy slightly smaller, but this is a nice way to add a more delicate feel.

  1. Try a theme

To avoid looking like a child who raided their gran’s jewellery box, it’s worth considering overall cohesion and adding a subtle theme. For example, you could look for rings that all have geometric shapes, styles that showcase celestial motifs or those that all feature semi-precious stones. Likewise, one larger accent piece in the middle may help to tie everything together.

  1. Keep one finger bare

Another tip we’ve picked up is that most stackers tend to keep one finger unadorned for visual balance, so you’ll probably want to leave rings off your little finger or thumb if you’re going for the ‘one per digit’ style. Of course, you may wish to keep your stack all on one finger, which is another good way of pulling off the trend without being OTT.

  1. Don’t be afraid to mix your metals

As with most costume jewellery right now, don’t feel you have to stick to just silver or solely gold tones – you can mix and match with gusto. We enjoy the warm feel that rose gold tones can create against silver, for example.

Stacked rings can be dressed up or kept casual and they’re ideal for adding a touch of quirkiness, which is why we love them. We’ve got plenty of styles to get you started here at Majique, including ready-made sets designed to go together.

Try this set of four gold-toned rings with diamante crystals for going out, or these engraved silver bands perfect for summer days, for example. Our gold-toned geometric rings in a fun square shape are also right on-trend.

 Why not choose some and see what you can create this summer?