Costume Jewellery

Style pinned down: Transform an outfit with a great brooch

If we asked you to think about brooches, you might bring to mind the Queen or Downton Abbey – something quite historical, let’s just say. 

However, it’s time to challenge your assumptions and start to see brooches in a whole new light. That’s because the previously formal accessory is enjoying a real moment in the sun, with a number of big designers featuring pin-on costume jewellery among their forthcoming seasons’ collections. 

Miu Miu recently showed off brooches on sheer crop tops, while Stella McCartney applied hers to the collars of knitwear, demonstrating how versatile they can be as an accessory for dressing up or down. 

We also loved how Coach used little clusters of smaller brooches to add personality and a story to an otherwise plain outfit.

And that’s the great thing about brooches: they can show off individuality in the same way as multiple earrings or a statement necklace might. They’re fun and creative, as well as the ideal way of livening up something you’ve already worn on a number of different occasions before.

What’s more, it doesn’t have to be a top or a woollen coat that a pretty pin adorns – why not try the look against a leather jacket for a punk feel (being careful with the material, of course)?

You can also add brooches to handbags for an updated finish, or use them to keep in place those pesky scarves that otherwise won’t do what you want them to. Another cool look we’ve seen before is lining up brooches vertically down the front of a black dress to give the feel of very chic buttons.

However you opt to style brooches, we’re always up for another way to add costume jewellery to our everyday lives.

Don’t feel you have to trawl car boot sales or antique fairs for true vintage pins that may be pricey, though. We have an absolute array of beautiful brooches here at Majique, whether you want animal motifs, cameos or anything besides.

We think this white flower style would look great in lieu of buttons as discussed earlier, particularly against baby blue knitwear for frosty days this winter or even early spring 2021.

This safety pin-look brooch with hearts, or this one with charms and a wire word would also look very Alessandro Dell’Acqua (at a more affordable price point).

So give brooches a go this season – and don’t forget to share the results with us on social media!