Costume Jewellery

Surreal styles and geo shapes ensure jewellery embraces its fun side

With more good news about the success of the roadmap out of lockdown, it really does feel as though we’re on the cusp of emerging from a long, dark tunnel (touch wood) this spring.

And it seems jewellery designers are also experiencing this slightly giddy exuberance, as their latest collections have been expressing a real sense of fun and experimentation that’s going to give us some great accessories to add to our upcoming outfits.

Colors of Nature Jewellery Collection

Fashion magazine Wallpaper said it has noticed some “bold and brilliant forms” from big brands this season as everyone looks forward to ditching the loungewear in favour of something dressier.

It said bold colours, unexpected shapes and surrealism have been the order of the day, creating “dream-like” pieces that sidestep tradition and exude merriment.

The magazine highlighted Louis Vuitton’s thick geometric lines of gold interspersed with gems, and Buccellati’s fishing net-like webs as particularly good examples of this, while Francis de Lara’s dangling apple and Hermes’s stylised horse would certainly fit into the surrealism category.

We also noticed that Tiffany has been going down a similar route, with the Financial Times reporting it had incorporated more ethereal designs than usual into its popular Colors of Nature collection. This included a Surreal Shell necklace that’s sure to turn heads in New York.

It’s lovely to see designers having fun with their accessories, as that truly is what costume jewellery is all about. We can’t wait to add a pop of colour and interest to summer blouses and dresses – and how perfect this will all be for the summer weddings we should finally be able to attend come July!

As you can probably tell, we’re excited to be able to supply you with all the jewellery you’ll need as you emerge, chrysalis-like from the cocoon of home.

And Majique has plenty of unusual shapes and styles in stock to fit this trend, including a 3 Tone Metal Beads Statement Necklace that gives the illusion of spheres cascading down the neckline, and this leather style with a pendant akin to a Spirograph pattern.

We also think several of our brooches are very Tiffany-esque – especially this frog – while our enamel-look butterfly brooch offers great style at the right price.

Provided things keep going according to plan, we can’t wait to see how you style your jewellery over the coming months. And whatever you do, have fun – and send us pictures!