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Trade tips: Jewellery to promote special occasions missed during lockdown

We all missed many things during lockdown, among those being the special occasions we had planned to celebrate in 2020.

Now, though, Professional Jeweller said it has noticed a new trend: more people investing in jewellery to mark milestones such as births and anniversaries that coronavirus robbed us of.

It says some jewellery shops are even experiencing a mini-Christmas as shoppers flock to necklaces, bracelets, rings and more to act as gifts or mementoes.

With even holidays abroad getting shelved, plenty of Brits are also spending travel money on pieces that will bring them joy in the long term instead.

As costume jewellery retailers, this could be a great way of tempting previous customers back. After all, buying jewellery is about evoking emotions, so offering accessories at a time when people are actively looking for them is a no-brainer.

Here are a few tips:

  1. Create emotional marketing campaigns. The Institute of Practitioners in Advertising says campaigns with purely emotional content perform twice as well as those with only rational content – so aim to give all the feels!
  2. Use social media to target audiences. Hubspot research shows 70 per cent of Instagram users search the platform for information on businesses or brands, meaning this could be your ideal portal.
  3. Get personal to encourage sharing. People love to see their friends and even themselves in marketing material – so ask for photos of real-life customers in your jewellery and send them out to spread the word.
  4. Stock up on jewellery with long-term appeal made for gifting and keeping. For instance, our gift-boxed cubic zirconia pieces will be ideal belated birthday presents, while an infinity ring may remind wearers of family. Sentiment jewellery could also sell well, so check out our  bracelets here.
  5. Offer an unrivalled shopping experience. On top of your COVID-safe measures, make customers feel welcome and appreciated. You might want to consider a loyalty programme, or special appointments to select important items – anything to ease the anxiety the pandemic may have caused.

If Brits are in the mood for jewellery shopping, why not make the most of it and step up with affordable accessories that meet the need for mementoes?