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Trade tips: Make the most of Mother’s Day online

Mother’s Day is once again almost upon us, with the event falling on Sunday March 14th in 2021. This would typically be a hugely busy time for retailers, with average spending of a whopping £1.6 billion every year.

However, we’re still living in a very different world than pre-pandemic times. There isn’t yet a guaranteed date for non-essential retail to reopen, although Boris Johnson may announce a blueprint for mid-April in his speech later today (February 22nd 2021).

Regardless, it looks like we’ll be experiencing another mostly online Mother’s Day, meaning jewellery retailers are going to have to adapt once again if they want to avoid missing out on gift purchasing.


Virtual appointments

In an interview with Professional Jeweller, industry insider Vanessa Chilton said she believes virtual appointments could be the way forward and that some clients might prefer to shop this way even after widespread vaccination.

This is something Marks & Spencer has already been doing to excellent effect with its homeware products, so we agree that video appointments offering advice on jewellery selections may be a great idea to drive sales.

As Ms Chilton suggests, your store could have someone on hand to model your latest looks and even show shoppers brief video presentations using screen sharing to explain trends and showcase particular looks.

Multi-channel marketing

Social media is also going to be a big consideration this year, as plenty of people will be looking for Mother’s Day presents using channels like Instagram.

With Hubspot suggesting 70 per cent of users search this portal in particular for information on brands, you could definitely market costume jewellery pieces via your feed using images, video and the ‘Stories’ feature.

Don’t forget the more traditional marketing power of email either, as you probably already have a mailing list you could use for your Mother’s Day messages. Just set up a dedicated product section on your website, then send out a newsletter linking back to it (and making your jewellery look irresistible, obviously!).

This is also a good way of following up from your video call appointments, as it gives customers who might have been undecided that little extra nudge to purchase.

As ever, we have a range of costume jewellery suitable for Mother’s Day at Majique, including some fab sentiment-themed necklaces. Stocking up now will ensure you have everything you need for your customers online when the day comes.

There is still a wealth of opportunity out there to make sales this March – but you might have to take your products to the shopper, rather than have them come to you.