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Try inspirational jewellery for style with added meaning

There are plenty of trends in costume jewellery to get on board with in 2021, but one we especially appreciate is the current penchant for anything with inspirational sentiments or motifs.

Style expert Judith Lockwood said in an interview with Professional Jeweller that she feels this has come about as a direct response to the pandemic we’ve all been through, with designers keen to create something positive out of an extremely difficult situation.

Hope Endures

This has resulted in an array of accessories featuring symbols like the sun “to radiate love and energy“, as well as hearts and other emblems to represent peace and good fortune, she explained.

In particular, hopeful and inspirational words are being seen almost everywhere on necklaces and bracelets, which is helping to create a real trend for pieces with meaning as opposed to simply fast fashion.

We definitely agree that this development has occurred as a reaction to the turbulent times of the past year-and-a-half, with people keen not only to spread positivity to others, but also to provide comfort and reassurance to themselves.

Seeing even short affirmations on your wrist, for instance, can be a powerful tool for empowerment and confidence, especially when you might find yourself disconnected from your usual support network.

Motivational jewellery is also highly giftable and therefore a great way to pass joy on to others too, letting them know you’re thinking of them even as we start to return to normal (some people may be feeling anxious about this, after all).

If you’re keen to incorporate upbeat costume jewellery into your outfits, you’ll find motivational pieces are great for stacking with other accessories you love and already wear. In summer especially, this will create an eclectic vibe that’s causal enough to wear with shorts and a T-shirt yet can be dressed up as well.

To get you started we put together a few of our items here at Majique, beginning with this beautiful silver-toned bracelet emblazoned with ‘hope’ (it’s also tennis bracelet-esque, which covers another 2021 trend).

We also love this gold-toned ‘love’ bangle, while our stylish necklace features the popular ‘I love you to the moon and back’ sentiment. And if you want more along these lines to show someone how much they mean to you, try this one that says ‘I love you more than yesterday but not as much as tomorrow’.

Why not stock up now to make the most of this meaningful trend and fill your life with positive feelings?