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If you love jewellery as much as we do, jewellery needs your tender loving care.

Fashion jewellery, which is also called costume jewellery, have been a favourite choice for centuries for women and men of all societies. Contemporary fashion jewellery is reaching the same heights of popularity it did in the early 20th Century. It is often made to suit the seasonal fashion colours and is much more affordable.

Keep fashion jewellery separate from fine jewellery. Use different drawers or compartments in a large jewellery case or consider purchasing individual cases.

When to Wear, How to Wear Your Jewellery

  • To remove your jewellery during strenuous work or exercise. Still, take special care to remove jewellery even when engaged in routine household tasks. Cleaning solvents can damage both soft gemstones and precious metals. Even gardening grit can leave scratches and most importantly, accidentally catching your jewellery on something as simple as a cleaning cloth can result in injury to both you and your jewellery.
  • Remove rings before you apply hand or body creams.
  • Put jewellery on after applying make-up, perfume and hairspray.
  • Remove all jewellery before having your hair styled. Chemicals in colouring agents and perm solutions can do permanent damage to both precious metals and gems.
  • Jewellery and water do not mix well. Avoid leaving it in moist bathrooms, in a wet pile after swimming or showering.
  • Remove jewellery before entering a chlorinated pool or hot tub. Chlorine, especially at high temperatures, can permanently damage or discolour your gold jewellery.
  • Before storing necklaces, remembering to refasten the clasps to help prevent knots and kinks in jewellery chains
  • Keep jewellery items separate. Use a different compartment in your jewellery box for each piece, Diamonds, the hardest mineral, will scratch all other gemstones and most gemstones will scratch precious metals.
  • Store them in their own pouch or box.