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Wholesale Fashion Earrings
Tempt jewellery lovers with an array of exciting earrings

Women have been wearing earrings since ancient times, but this is one type of jewellery that never goes out of style. From simple studs and ear climbers to chandeliers, they're a fantastic way to accentuate the face and add pizzazz to any outfit.
There will always be demand for new fashion earrings, so ensuring you're regularly stocking up will keep your shop looking fresh and up-to-date. This should help to drive footfall or website visits.
Earrings can suit a variety of different occasions too, so remember to look for plenty of styles to suit every eventuality when you're buying costume jewellery wholesale.
For example, workwear can be livened up with a chic pair of stud earrings, while women looking for something dangly and swishy for date night could be tempted by a pretty pair of tassel earrings.
You absolutely can't go wrong with hoops either, whether they're big statement-makers or chic little huggies for daytime.
Finally, it's a great idea to keep in plenty of chandelier earrings, as they have become enormously popular in recent years thanks to the influence of Instagram. Not only are they perfect for expressing a little personality, but they're also ideal for the Christmas season.
As wholesale costume jewellery specialists in the UK, we at Majique pride ourselves on our extensive range of earrings. In fact, we have nearly a thousand pairs in stock and more arriving all the time, so have a browse and you're sure to find what you're looking for.
As ever, if you need assistance or advice on what to include in your range, feel free to contact us.


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