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Good things ought to be taken as far as possible. And the best instance of this practice is undoubtedly, jewellery export. The unbeatable amalgam of jewellery and fashion magnetizes people from across the globe, hence jewellery export emerge as the most rewarding trade practice. Majique makes its stupendous work of true art and fashion available across the world by exporting. Exquisite pieces of fashion jewellery from the lap of Britain's reputed couture house have been treating fashion patrons throughout the world.

Majique boasts of possessing unforeseen, rare skills of jewellery designing and flaunts them in the global fashion market. Britain proudly showcases it's the Mahjique fashion fad but the real fun is in letting it flow.

So, fashion jewellery embarks a voyage round the world through jewellery export. The Majique bandwagon is something that blends well with traditional attire of any country. Perhaps this is why it is as popular in any other land as it is in its birthplace.

Majique's vision is to let the whole world savor the delight of fashion jewellery in the most exquisite form. When it comes to counting the number of faithful customers, we have struck a million. Majique takes Britain well across its borders, and the best part is, no one's complaining.

We supply fashion jewellery around the world, spanning the globe since more than 30 years uninterrupted

Jewellery is a universal craze. Though the specialties differ, the pattern, the make and the preferences of amalgams vary from place to place, every jewel piece attracts the onlooker with an enigmatic effect. Africa is known for its bountiful lap of diamond mines whereas India is perhaps the largest producer of gold. Possessing a piece of rare jewellery from a distant land not only makes heads turn but also is a unique realization in itself. Jewellery exports fetch substantial wealth and also facilitate flow and recognition of skills


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