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Life could be fantastic in plastic for 2018

It was way back in 1997 that Aqua sang about life being fantastic in plastic - but we had to wait 21 years before the big fashion houses decided they were right.

If you're wondering what we're talking about, we're referring to the fact that there's a pretty strange trend gathering pace for this year. It's certainly one that is likely to divide opinion: clothes, footwear and accessories being made out of see-through plastic and paraded down the catwalks.


3 Jan 2018

January's necklace of the month: Our versatile mixed-metal chain

With the new year now in full swing and all the festivities having died down, it's not unusual to feel a little bit glum in January. Evenings are still dark, there's probably still a while...

2 Jan 2018

Get set to go totally tropical for spring fashion

We know there's still quite a long time before we shake off the cold weather of winter and start to see lighter nights coming in - usually, it's not until the start of February that we...

2 Jan 2018

Dark denim makes a comeback for 2018

If you love your denim but aren't a fan of the stonewashed, 90s-inspired so-called 'mum jeans' that have been in vogue over the past couple of seasons, then you might be interested to...

2 Jan 2018

Metal detectorist helps find lost Christmas ring

A woman who managed to lose her engagement ring within hours of being presented with it over Christmas was saved from a lot of heartache - by a man with a metal detector.

Sunny Smith from...