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January 2014 News Archive

31 Jan 2014

Go for luxury with coins

The luxury trend has been a great look over the last few months and spring will see this get taken one step further.

Instead of wearing items that look expensive, you should be popping on...

30 Jan 2014

Your must-have accessory for 2014? The bag!

We all know that getting glammed up in the right outfit isn't enough. To fully show a style off to its best, it is important that you ensure you have the right accessories.

Not only...

29 Jan 2014

Mix up soft pastel with hard-edged geometrics

Everywhere I look right now I am seeing pastel colours. The high street is really getting geared up for spring and the candy crush shades it seems to bring with it every year.

When it...

28 Jan 2014

Red carpet style at the Grammys

Awards season has truly been kicked off in style with the Grammys bringing stars flocking to the red carpet on Sunday (January 26th) night. 

The event saw numerous celebs looking...

28 Jan 2014

Bracelets are the best of spring's jewellery

One of the best pieces of jewellery that you can wear this spring is the bracelet. No matter what trend you are aiming for, bright bracelets in a variety of colours will be the perfect finishing...

24 Jan 2014

High necklines are here to stay

Looking ahead at the styles that spring will be offering, I have seen that the trend for high necklines is continuing from winter. 

High necklines suit a wide range of different...

23 Jan 2014

Celebs opt for ice queen elegance at NTAs

Even though spring is on the horizon and a change of styles is set to arrive soon, celebs at the National Television Awards (NTAs) proved that some winter trends are timeless and still a good...

22 Jan 2014

Warm up your ice queen look this spring

Fashions on the high street have started their switch over from the darker shades of winter to the lighter colours of spring.

As people start looking forward to warmer weather, trends...