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January 2015 News Archive

30 Jan 2015

Dita Von Teese steals the show in stunning purple

The Sidaction Gala Dinner for Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week usually results in some gorgeous outfits hitting the red carpet, but at Thursday's (January 29th) event, all eyes were on one...

30 Jan 2015

Square is the new circle: The must-wear shape for spring

It isn't just colour that can dictate whether a piece of jewellery is on-trend, you also need to look at its shape. Circular jewellery has been a classic go-to option, working with numerous...

29 Jan 2015

Cobie goes for a relaxed statement at Sundance

Cobie Smulders may only have given birth three weeks ago, but that didn't stop her from arriving at the Sundance Film Festival looking gorgeous on Sunday (January 25th).

The Avengers...

29 Jan 2015

How do you say 'I love you'? Great jewellery styles for Valentine's Day

Valentine's day is almost here, which means you need to get thinking about what you are going to get your loved one. What you choose to give them largely depends on their personal taste, as...

28 Jan 2015

Get attention: The ultimate statements to make in 2015

This year is all about making statements, with styles and colours getting more over-the-top to help you really stand out. As usual, jewellery is one of the best ways you can add something that...

27 Jan 2015

Jewellery of the week: Turquoise fabulousness

One of the biggest looks that has started to emerge is all white ensembles. Usually an important shade in the warmer months, white has started to feature strongly across clothing, footwear and...

26 Jan 2015

The celeb fashionistas to watch in 2015

Many trends are inspired by celebrity nowadays, which means keeping an eye on your favourite starlet can help you to work out where your style should go as the year progresses. However, even...

23 Jan 2015

Find your colour for 2015

This year is all about colour, with a number of bright shades already sneaking onto the high street. As well as being perfect for brightening up January and heralding the onset of the warmer...