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November 2013 News Archive

29 Nov 2013

Geometric is all about 1920s glam

Vintage jewellery is always a winner and right now it is huge. But it isn't just the 1950's Rockabilly trend or Victorian elegance that are popular at the moment; 1920's art deco is...

28 Nov 2013

Industrial style set for return

The industrial look is coming back into fashion. It only makes sense really as leather and punk have been such prominent trends, paving the way for steampunk-esque style and chunky...

28 Nov 2013

Golden goddess or silver ice queen? You decide

Gold and silver tend to be the two biggest colours when it comes to jewellery and this season is no different. Even if you add other shades to your accessories, your base colours will usually be...

26 Nov 2013

Glitter, glimmer and glisten this winter

This season is all about glitter! Everywhere I look celebs are opting for full on sparkly looks and the high street is chock full of glistening dresses for Christmas parties.

But it...

25 Nov 2013

Match your trends to create an unbeatable look

In terms of fashion, the season is being dominated by two key looks that have come together to create a powerhouse of style. 

Monochrome is always a popular trend and functions well...

22 Nov 2013

Add a splash of colour

Many winter outfits that are around right now are incredibly dark and drab. As usual the winter seems to be all about blacks, greys and brown. Luckily, you can brighten up your look with...

21 Nov 2013

Retro fashion with a modern edge - love it!

I am absolutely loving some of the vintage styles that I have seen available recently. Although vintage never really goes out of fashion and there are some who model their whole wardrobes on...

20 Nov 2013

Let your jewellery do the talking

I have been seeing a lot of jewellery that has inspirational messages and quotes inscribed on it recently.

I really love this trend as it catches people's eyes for a totally different...