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November 2017 News Archive

30 Nov 2017

New trend alert: Raw crystals for a New Age feel

New jewellery trends are always cropping up thanks to the big fashion houses and celebrities' desire for fresh accessories - but we think the hippy in you is very much going to enjoy the...

29 Nov 2017

Special pink diamond sells for small fortune at auction

If you think you've been overspending on Christmas presents so far, you've probably still got nothing on an unnamed person in Hong Kong.

This week, a beautiful piece of jewellery...

28 Nov 2017

Gold 'is Meghan's favourite' - the lowdown on our new princess's ring

After months of tedious Brexit news, there was finally something lively to talk about this week: Prince Harry got engaged to his sweetheart Meghan Markle - hooray!

Obviously, we were more...

28 Nov 2017

What to buy your trendy little sister for Christmas

We hate to tell you, but Christmas is sneaking up on us. By the end of the week, we'll be in December, which means that you need to start thinking about what presents you're going to buy...

25 Nov 2017

How to make a statement with slogans

Fashion boasting slogans is really nothing new. A couple of great examples come from the 1980s, with the 'Frankie Say Relax' and 'Choose Life' T-shirts going on to achieve...

23 Nov 2017

Stumped for Secret Santa? Look no further!

With Band Aid and Slade on the radio, shops full of festive fare and the days on the calendar slipping away, it's definitely that time of year again: Christmas is almost upon us.


22 Nov 2017

How the beret is back with a vengeance

Good news for anyone who enjoys wearing hats: the beret is firmly back in fashion for AW17-18. The French staple was sent down the runways of a host of designer brands, including Dior, Jacquemus...

21 Nov 2017

What to wear for a castle wedding - including accessories

Summer might be better known as wedding season, but lots of people still get married in the run-up to Christmas - and that means many of you might be wedding guests in the coming...