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November 2018 News Archive

28 Nov 2018

Trade alert: Go for gold with rich antique tones

We always see a lot of bling over the Christmas party season, and it's fair to say that we have already been advocating all things sparkly as we prepare for the onslaught of festive...

21 Nov 2018

Trade alert: It's partywear time again, so round up the jewels!

If there is one thing that's keeping us going through the cold mornings and dark nights, it's the thought that the Christmas party season is just around the corner again.

We might...

13 Nov 2018

Trade alert: Take a retro return to the 1970s with groovy fashion trends

The 1970s often get a bad press fashion-wise - we tend to look back with scorn on the flowery prints, fluffy hair and garish colours and consign them to an era of bad taste.

But look more...

7 Nov 2018

Trade alert: It's a 90s revival as hair accessories make a comeback

We've been mining the 90s for fashion trends a lot recently, but it's fair to say that it has been more for clothing than for jewellery - until now.

If you love accessories (and as...