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December 2017 News Archive

27 Dec 2017

How to stand out on New Year's Eve

It's hard to believe that Christmas is now over for another year. But as we enjoy looking at our presents during the time we like to think of as Crimbo Limbo - and wearing the new stuff we...

24 Dec 2017

Merry Christmas!

We just wanted to take this opportunity to wish all of our friends, customers and followers a very merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous 2018.

Best wishes,


23 Dec 2017

Archaeological find shows aristocratic jewels in Jericho

It always fascinates us when any kind of ancient jewellery is discovered, as we talked about recently on these pages when a metal detector's haul was valued at more than...

21 Dec 2017

Cosy up in a teddy coat this winter

If there's one item of clothing that we regularly invest in, it's a good coat. Living where we do, the climate makes them a necessity rather than just a fashion statement - and we're...

20 Dec 2017

Chainmail is back - party like it's 1999!

If you're going out this New Year's Eve, then you might want to expect to see a lot of chainmail - and to perhaps feel as though you've travelled back in time.

The fashion...

20 Dec 2017

Swarovski star offers tips on sparkle

If you're a fashion fan, then you'll no doubt have heard of blogger Chiara Ferragni, who is the girl behind the tour de force that is The Blonde Salad.

She's always...

19 Dec 2017

May the Force be with ... your accessories

(Please note that the following piece does not contain spoilers for Star Wars: The Last Jedi, but does refer to plot points in A New Hope and Rogue One.)

So, have you seen it yet? We are,...

19 Dec 2017

Earrings: The more theatrical, the better

Earrings are the ideal way to finish off an outfit - but you might want to favour chandelier styles over studs for the time being, if you want to follow the trends.

This is according to...