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February 2018 News Archive

27 Feb 2018

Be an ice cream dream in fashion pastels - Trade alert

Autumn and winter can feel like long seasons in this country, so trade buyers in the jewellery and fashion industries will no doubt be very much looking forward to their opportunity to cast off...

21 Feb 2018

Feel chic and polished with a classic pencil skirt reboot - Trade alert

Fashion and jewellery trade buyers will be used to seeing weird and wacky trends make their way from the catwalks to the high street, but it's less often that something a little more classic...

14 Feb 2018

Fashion goes sheer as 'decent exposure' takes over - Trade alert

When Vogue magazine says something is set to be a trend, it's fair to say that trade buyers and consumers alike sit up and take notice.

However, both sets of fashion enthusiasts might...

7 Feb 2018

Jewellery for Valentine's Day - Trade alert

Trade buyers in the jewellery industry will have had a busy few months. Many of you now participate in Black Friday in November, then there was Christmas to contend with, followed by the January...