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April 2015 News Archive

30 Apr 2015

Jewellery of the week: Matte and gloss

Here at Majique, we are big fans of beautifully detailed jewellery that can make an instant statement. However, we also love it when simplicity can draw the eye and be just as effective as an...

29 Apr 2015

Top nail trends for SS15

We've been looking at the top makeup trends for the spring and summer season, as we all know how important makeup is to completing your perfect look. However, it isn't just eye makeup and...

29 Apr 2015

What you need to be wearing right now

There are some fab trends on the high street right now. From 1970s glamour to boho chic, you can pick from any number of gorgeous styles.

Right now we are really loving the festival vibe,...

29 Apr 2015

What colour should you go? Hair colours with a twist for SS15

When it comes to changing up your look, the chances are you reach for hair dye just as you would a new outfit. With celebs choosing to change up their tresses on a regular basis and the huge...

27 Apr 2015

Top lipstick trends for SS15

Those who love fashion,del know that being on-trend is about more than your clothes and jewellery. You also need to ensure that other aspects of your look are on-point for the...

24 Apr 2015

Top eye makeup trends for SS15

It isn't just the right jewellery that will create the perfect on-trend look for SS15, you also want to take a look at what makeup is in fashion. 

There are a number of different...

24 Apr 2015

Playful pearls: A twist on a classic

We all know that pearls are an essential part of any jewellery box. The classic embellishment has been used throughout fashion for centuries, with the classic string of pearls offering a feminine...

23 Apr 2015

Mix it up: Odd earrings shake up your style

When you think of earrings, you probably think about a matching pair. This is what we're used to and why would you mess with something that works so well, right? 

Well, that's...