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June 2016 News Archive

30 Jun 2016

Get the Gatsby look: Rock the 1920s with Majique

If you're looking for the ultimate glamorous look this season, you can't really beat the styles of the 1920s. The Gatsby era was seemingly all about parties, champagne and great fashion,...

28 Jun 2016

Create the perfect vintage style

If you're a vintage lover, you may want your wardrobe to reflect this. Whether you dig through thrift shops or opt for reproduction clothing, creating a vintage-inspired look can be a lot of...

27 Jun 2016

Daisy Lowe steals show with chic Glasto style

Glastonbury may not have been the most glamorous event this year, especially after heavy rainfall left people trekking through inch-deep mud, but this didn't stop the celebs. A number of stars...

24 Jun 2016

3 colours you should wear this summer

Summer is now officially in full swing, even if the weather hasn't caught up with that fact. This means that if you haven't got your summer wardrobe at the ready, you need to get a move...

22 Jun 2016

Beyonce takes beach style to the next level

It doesn't matter what Beyonce wears, we're jealous of her wardrobe and definitely want to be her. These thoughts were no different when we saw her latest holiday snaps from her family...

20 Jun 2016

Why Majique loves rose gold

While we love all kinds of different jewellery, every now and then, a certain style in particular will catch our eye. This season, the trend that we are obsessed with is rose gold.


17 Jun 2016

3 jewellery items to wow your first date

If you're heading out on a first date, you want to make a good impression. While picking the perfect place to meet and putting together a killer outfit are good places to start, you...

15 Jun 2016

Stylish ways to store your jewellery

Once you have a great collection of jewellery, you want to store it in a way that protects each piece from damage but also allows you to show them off.

The way you store your jewellery can...