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June 2018 News Archive

27 Jun 2018

Trade alert: Prepare for Prom Queen mania

There was a time when, at the end of Year 11, British teenagers would be perfectly happy with an end-of-year disco, non-uniform day and mass shirt-signing sessions with all of their friends to...

20 Jun 2018

Trade Alert: Bohemian style is back once again

If there's one thing we can pretty much guarantee about summer fashion, it's that the boho look will make an appearance again at some point around Summer Solstice.

We don't...

13 Jun 2018

Trade alert: Golden summer means time for glorious jewellery

Summer outfits are always exciting to plan and look forward to wearing, but that's even more the case when weather forecasters are suggesting we might be getting a much better summer in 2018...

13 Jun 2018

Trade alert: Get your festival favourites ready now

When summer starts, you know it's also time for another exciting part of the calendar: festival season.

For many people, these have become about so much more than just the music.