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July 2016 News Archive

29 Jul 2016

Lana goes Evil Queen at Comic Con

San Diego Comic Con brought with it a lot of sneak peeks of some of the biggest up and coming movies and TV shows. While the dress code for the event is usually fancy dress and we always look...

20 Jul 2016

How to wear ornate jewellery this season

A look that we are really loving right now is ornate jewellery. So many trends have embraced this style of bling, ensuring you can rock it no matter what ensemble you're...

15 Jul 2016

Bangles for days: how to layer up your bracelets

Bangles are getting a lot of attention right now, which we are really happy about. This reasonably understated piece of jewellery is being turned into a must-wear by the current top...

13 Jul 2016

Serena wins on the tennis court and red carpet

She's just won her 22nd Grand Slam and Serena Williams certainly looked like a million bucks when she stepped out to mark the occasion on July 10th. The Wimbledon-winner attended the Champions...

11 Jul 2016

Eternal pearls: Modernise a classic style

Pearls are a great choice when it comes to jewellery no matter what your style. Earrings and necklaces that feature beautiful pearls have been a go-to choice for decades, offering an elegant touch...

8 Jul 2016

All that glitters: How to layer up your sparkle

Whether you love to sparkle all day long or enjoy popping on a bit of glitter for special occasions, it pays to know how to layer up different glittering looks. 

You may think that...

6 Jul 2016

Guess what? The multi-ring trend is back!

The multi-ring trend has been a bit quiet over the last couple of months, but it is now back with a vengeance! This look has been spotted on numerous celebs recently, showing that it is once again...