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August 2018 News Archive

28 Aug 2018

Trade alert: Be in the pink with rose gold-toned jewellery

If there's one trend in jewellery that keeps on giving, it's rose gold. You only need to scroll through your Instagram to see that it remains hugely popular as a great alternative to...

21 Aug 2018

Trade alert: Plastic accessories can look fantastic

Forget sparkly diamantes and metal jewellery this year: plastic is where it's at. We're currently seeing lots of vinyl, resin and acrylic products on our high streets, whether they're...

15 Aug 2018

Trade alert: Floral accessories are blooming this summer

When both Beyonce and Rihanna wear almost the same thing, you know it's a huge trend. In their case, it happened to be floral headdresses on the covers of US and UK Vogue respectively, but...

14 Aug 2018

Trade alert: Wordy jewellery sends an instant text message

We don't know if you've noticed, but there are a lot of products on the high street right now with feel-good slogans emblazoned upon them.

Things like 'I'm not weird,...