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Industry News Archives

20 Mar 2018

Trade alert: Milan Fashion Week wraps up catwalk sneak peeks

You'll know if you regularly catch up with us on these pages that we've been closely following the recent fashion weeks across the world in order to see what upcoming trends we'll all...

7 Mar 2018

Trade alert: Top trends from New York Fashion Week

With all the world's Fashion Weeks now having taken place, it's time to sit back, take a deep breath and really digest those wonderful looks we saw strutting down the runways over the past...

2 Jan 2018

Metal detectorist helps find lost Christmas ring

A woman who managed to lose her engagement ring within hours of being presented with it over Christmas was saved from a lot of heartache - by a man with a metal detector.

Sunny Smith from...

23 Dec 2017

Archaeological find shows aristocratic jewels in Jericho

It always fascinates us when any kind of ancient jewellery is discovered, as we talked about recently on these pages when a metal detector's haul was valued at more than...

5 Dec 2017

Saxon jewellery haul shows accessories our ancestors wore

The valuation of a haul of Anglo-Saxon jewellery has provided a tantalising glimpse into the fashions of our long-ago ancestors.

A history student and now archaeologist named Tom Lucking...

5 Dec 2017

Get ready to see Majique in YouTube's Ho Ho Holiday Hampers

If you're anything like us, you probably spend quite a lot of your leisure time on YouTube. We love this platform - it went from being purely a portal for cat videos and funny 30-second clips...

29 Nov 2017

Special pink diamond sells for small fortune at auction

If you think you've been overspending on Christmas presents so far, you've probably still got nothing on an unnamed person in Hong Kong.

This week, a beautiful piece of jewellery...

21 Nov 2017

Queen's jewellery story shows even royal weddings have mishaps

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip are celebrating an incredible 70 years of marriage this week and it's interesting to look back at the photos of their special day way back in the austere...